What makes your homes different from other builder’s homes?

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All builders must meet the requirements of the building code, what makes your homes different from other builder’s homes? What steps do you take to improve the energy efficiency of the homes you build compared to other builders?

Homes built with EnerGuide ratings above 80 go beyond the energy requirements of the current building code. They are more energy efficient which can translate into lower operating costs. Our homes offer better indoor air quality, are more comfortable to live in and include environmentally responsible products in their construction. Every French’s Fine Home has an air-leakage test performed on it by a licensed third party professional to determine overall air tightness. This is accomplished using a large fan set in the front door with pressure gauges that tell how many air changes per hour occur at a preset limit.

Some of the standard features that increase your energy efficiency are:

  • All of our homes start with 2×6 stud walls filled with blown-in insulation, and are wrapped with rigid insulation panels on the exterior to increase R value and reduce thermal bridging through the studs.
  • We install high efficiency furnaces with a minimum AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) factor of 95%.
  • We install Heat Recovery Ventilators to improve indoor air quality and to ensure an adequate and balanced ventilation system (critical to tightly sealed homes).
  • We provide minimum R50 attic insulation in all flat ceiling areas.
  • All of our windows are Energy Star labeled and feature a low-emissivity coating, argon gas filling in the air space and insulated spacers to reduce heat transfer.
  • We strongly recommend including rigid insulation under your basement floor to create a thermal break between your feet and the cold ground under the concrete.

Even a one-point improvement on the EnerGuide scale typically reduces your home’s energy consumption by 3 to 5 percent!

The same attention to detail is exhibited inside the home. Your choices of flooring, cabinets, paint and other finishing details are completed with great care including an in-depth pre-delivery review by our warranty service manager.