Where do I start?

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Once you decide that you want or need a new home, you will need to ask yourself some basic questions:

  • What will my budget be?  What factors will affect that number?
  • How long will it take to solidify that budget number?
  • When would I want to move into the new home?
  • Where would I want or need to live?   Do I want to be in a rural setting?  Do I need to be close to hospitals and shopping?
  • How big should my house be, and how much land do I want to have?

Having a home custom built is an exciting and busy time and there are a number of issues to be resolved before the actual construction begins.

Determine your Wants versus your Needs. Something that seems essential to one person may be completely unimportant to another, so think about your lifestyle and start your list! How many bedrooms? Do you want a basement or not? Powder room? Is a garage a necessity? Your builder will help you put dollar amounts beside those items but only you can assess their value.