How long will it take to build my house?

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The quick answer is: 4 to 6 months.   However, there are number of factors that can contribute to the length of time it takes to complete a job.  Some of them are:

  • The location – some building departments have more stringent requirements that extend the permit process.
  • The scope of work you want done – if your interior finishes are extremely detailed, more time is required to order materials and complete the work. Also, if we are doing extensive landscaping, more time is required at the end of the building process.
  • The environment can add some extra aspects – special habitats in a water front sites for example.
  • Site preparation – and in particular those sites where blasting is needed to permit the basement to exist.
  • Yes, we do build all winter long, but we admit that it’s not nearly as fast.  However, it could make a difference between having all summer in your new cottage, or just a couple weeks!
  • The time it takes you to make decisions on selections. You should set up a time with the selections co-ordinator as soon as your contract is signed. She will guide you through 26 pages of questions and those answers tell our team how to build your home.  She will also give you a time line indicating when the decisions need to be finalized.  These indicators are based on delivery times for things like wood siding, cabinets, or special trims.


These things all play a part in determining how long it will take to finish your home.  We will be happy to discuss this important element with you right from the start.