How can I be sure that the price you quote me is the price I will really pay?

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We utilize a detailed estimating software program that allows us to prepare a price for your job that reflects a true picture of the expected costs.  The contract that we enter into with you states this price clearly.   Before the actual building starts  you will be invited to spend 6 to 8 hours with a design and selections co-ordinator who will review all of the details of your home and record your colour selections.  If you wish to make any choices that differ from the contract you will be clearly advised of the difference in price, if any, and whether it impacts any other aspects of your home.

Any changes that you approve are processed as Change Orders which must be signed by you before we proceed.   We will make sure that you are always aware of the effect on your bottom line.

If we are building on your own land, we will need to make at least one site visit to be sure that we are aware of the topography of your building site.   However, it’s only when we put the shovels (well – that’s probably an excavator bucket!) in the ground that we find out whether your site is sand, clay, or good old Muskoka bedrock.  If we find that there will be unanticipated costs we will meet with you and determine the best solution before proceeding.

We have a long record of completing homes and cottages on time and on budget!  We know the importance of having accurate expectations in these areas.