R-2000 Option

We are the R-2000 Experts

French’s Fine Homes is the leader in the R-2000 program in Muskoka having built 81 R-2000 homes.
Only licensed R-2000 builders can offer you an R-2000 home.

Some features of the home are:

  • enrolled and certified in the R-2000 program
  • designed to a specific energy target (typically, R-2000 homes use 30% less energy than non-R-2000)
  • air and vapour barriers are sealed carefully and then tested by depressurization of the house
  • heating, cooling & ventilation systems are chosen for energy efficiency and performance
  • only water saving toilets, showers & faucets are used
  • excellent inside air quality with a Heat Recovery Ventilation system (HRV)

DO NOT BELIEVE A HOUSE IS “AS GOOD AS R-2000″ UNLESS IT HAS BEEN TESTED.  View summary of ‘Stonehenge’ test results here